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Contact us and get Cheap Car Towing Facility in Melbourne

“Which business offers cheap car towing in Melbourne?” or “Is there any 24 hour tow truck service near me within Melbourne?”, if these questions are bugging your mind since long, then we ought to reveal the most friendly and professional towing and recovery services in your very own city.

cheap car towing

You can never forecast the behaviour of your car or 4WD; these vehicles can break down, or there can be malfunctioning in any of the components. All you need in such circumstances are honest people who can tow your vehicle to your desired place. And we are here to satisfy this need of yours with our expert solutions, efficient towing vehicles & equipments, and unparalleled service. Drivers handling tow trucks in accident situations have required accreditation.

With our cheap towing services across Melbourne, we can aid customers in:

  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Car accident, collision, & crash
  • Moving unroadworthy vehicles
  • Car which has been broken into
  • Relocation
  • Car Transport

How we work?

  • Our proficient towing operators and drivers know towing guidelines for all makes and models of cars and 4WDs from the vintage to the most recent ones.
  • They prepare your vehicle for towing and then couple or load it with or on our tow truck using the correct method and equipments.
  • If you are worried that during joining or towing, your car may get damaged, just chill, as our team implements safe and tested procedures.

Whatever queries you may have, our team can readily answer those, as we wish to give you a peace of mind whenever you handle the job of towing your car to us.

Accident Management

We understand the sensitivity of the accidents and so we –

  • Reach the accident spot quickly
  • Determine the towing technique as per the condition of the vehicle
  • Collect the broken parts of the vehicle (mirrors, etc.)

Your regular workshop or preferred smash repair centre may not remain open in odd hours, and so we store your vehicle in our storage facility for the time being. We have security and monitoring systems at our place to safeguard prestigious vehicles of our customers. If you need reference for smash repair station, we can provide you with that as well.

Luxury Car Towing throughout Williamstown, Sunshine, St Albans, DeerPark, & remaining Western Suburbs of Melbourne

We realize that it’s difficult to take a chance with luxury, performance, vintage, or sports car, and therefore we tow them using our special trucks with low tow tilt trays, which make loading fast, smooth, and safe.

Call us for emergency service

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