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TILT Tray Tow Truck – An Ideal Solution for Damaged and Luxury Vehicles

Only with ‘Towing’, you can transport a vehicle and machinery, which cannot be driven on the road or need to be moved to a distant place. Other than these, towing is also useful for impounding vehicles or taking them out from the inconvenient parking places. In some situations, ‘vehicle recovery’ is required.

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But all these objectives can be achieved, only if suitable towing equipment and methods are used. Considering some special needs and circumstances, tow trucks with tilt tray, which are also known as flatbed trucks, should be utilized. As the name suggests, tray bends to the ground level, which makes it very easy to load cars, motorcycles, various pieces of machinery, containers, caravans, etc. on the truck. And once they are loaded, the bed or the tray gets flattened, and the truck gets moving.

This form of towing avoids all kinds of harm to the towing object and is quite convenient. Also, due to the strength and capacity of the tilt tray truck, multiple vehicles and objects with the huge weight can be transported. Therefore, it has been a favourable option for sending cars from the dealerships to the individual owners as well as hauling objects with irregular shape & design.

Wait, as the highlight is still remaining! Due to their several advantages, flatbed trucks are best for transporting classic and expensive vehicles. Also, vehicles which are heavily damaged and not in a condition to be towed through wheel-lift, boom, or any other truck, can be loaded, transported, and unloaded, quickly and safely. Being highly experienced in the field, towing operators in our team make our tilt tray tow truck services in Williamstown, DeerPark, Sunshine, St Albans, & adjacent western suburbs of Melbourne, extremely professional.

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Accident and other road emergencies don’t warn you before arriving, and so, we provide 24 hour tow truck service in several suburbs of Melbourne.  Just inform us about your location, and we will reach there with our tilt tray truck and necessary supplies. But, first, you must try to take your vehicle to the side of the road (if it is in a condition to be taken, i.e., not badly wrecked) so that the traffic is not disrupted. And also avail medical help (if required) as nothing is more important than life.

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